B.L.U.S.H. w/Innocence™ Holistic Sexology Consultations & Sexual Energy Wellness Services

Please allow me to introduce myself and enlighten you on my professional background. My name is Innocence Smith. I am an empirically trained and A.C.S. Holistic Sexologist and Integrative Sexual Health & Wellness Consultant. I founded B.L.U.S.H. with Innocence™ to advocate the importance of positive female sexuality and holistic well-being practices via indigenous mindful sexuality principles and psychosynthesis psychology principles in order to deliver comprehensive sexual health & wellness consulting services with the highest levels of client satisfaction.



I offer holistic energetic healing services through B.L.U.S.H. w/Innocence™ uniquely designed to help women of all ages deepen a personal understanding of their own sexuality in a shame-free environment. My services include Integrative Mind-Body-Medicine (non-medical) Sex-Positive Consultations & Education solutions for sexual empowerment and personal enlightenment for women of all backgrounds.

My methods may include scribing, breathing, meditation, sexual exercise directives, personal artistic expressions, videos, or books to be read at home. I often include techniques such as non-touch Usui ReikiHypnotherapy, Erotic Energy Healing, Vibrational Energy Attunement (e.g., Crystal Therapy & Aromatherapy), to help my clients enhance their sexual functioning, intention setting, Guided Meditation, Imagery and Visualization. I employ other approaches to treating relationship and intimacy issues which may include a combination of traditional coaching modalities (talk therapy) along with more physical embodiment, interactive exercises which are to be completed in the privacy of your own home.

My professional experience includes over 15 years of combined practical experience and professional training in the field of holistic human studies from somatic embodiment, the art of positive psychology, and holistic sexology which has enabled me to cultivate a successful program that promotes the development of development divine sexuality advising.
My Intervention Service Specialty Services Include:
*Holistic Sexual Health & Wellness Consultations
*Integrative Sexual Health & Wellness Education
*Sexual Schema (Sexal Body Image) Consultations
*Guided Imagery
*Usui Reiki (Non-Touch Healing)
*Sexual Energy Attunement
*Mindfulness-Based Sexual Stress Reduction Treatments
*Sex for the Ages Awareness (Life-Span Sexuality Development)
*Holistic Sound Therapy (Drums, Crystal Vibration Healing, Etc.)
*Mindfulness-Based Sexual Stress Reduction (Mild to Moderate)
*Sexual Synergy (e.g., Positively Reorientation of Distorted Sexual Self-Schemas & Impaired Sexual Body Image Dissatisfaction)
*Body Image Mapping & Requisitioning (Getting to Know the Skin You’re In More Intimately)
*Sexual Depth Perception (Healthy Sexual Fantasy Exploration)
*Sensual Body Movement Facilitation
*Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Tips & Education
1 Hr. Private Consultation Session Rates:
60 min. Sessions ~ $125
My services address the following issues & concerns:
  • Positive Sexual Body Image
  • Sexual Energy & Desire Discrepancy
  • Sexual Related Anxieties
  • Intimate Communication Disturbance (Sexual Communication Issues)
  • Holistic Sexual Wellness, Sexual Anxiety & Sexual Functioning Issues
  • Sexuality & Shame
  • Sex & Physical Disabilities
  • Sex & Chronic Illness 
  • The Art of Intimate Conversation for You & Your Partner (Intimacy/Communication Skills Enhancement)
  • Talking to Your Kids About Sexuality without Shame & Guilt
  • Sex for the Ages Awareness (Life-Span Sexual Development Education)
Please be advised, I am not a licensed psychotherapist (nor do I profess to be a licensed therapist; I am a clinically trained counselor), I am a Professional International Certified Sexologist.  I work very differently than most traditional (talk) therapists.  My professional goal is to support you in personal transformation as quickly as you are able to integrate the changes you choose to make.  I love helping clients’ to heighten their self-awareness by releasing past tensions to discover a profound sense of serenity and vitality. I work closely with each client to develop a personal approach to exploring femininity or sexuality issues and concerns in a holistic manner.
Professional Education:
*B.S., Psychology; Clayton State University
* M.S., Psychology; Tennessee State University.
* Ph.D. Student, Mind-Body Medicine/Integrative Mental Health/Hypnotherapy; Saybrook University
A.C.S., Internationally Certified Sexologist: American College of Sexologists
I am available for phone, video-conference or live sessions. I look forward to working with you soon. Happy Nurturing!