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BLUSH with Innocence™ is a welcome place for all women of all identities and all sexual orientations, as well as all ages and body types. Innocence Smith specializes in working with women struggling with broken relationships, sexual shame and disconnection, and those seeking their personal presence, purpose, and empowerment.

As women, our bodies are our mediums and very often, we hold a lot of history and thoughts within us that in turn hold us back from achieving the highest expression of our good in all areas of our lives (financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, love and social relationships). BLUSH with Innocence™ helps women heal the  relationship with their bodies, working from the premise that all thought is creative, will provide an opportunity to delve into and  examine the roots of your relationships with your energetic bodies and work on releasing the blocks to your joy, peace, presence, power, purpose, and abundance in every area of your life. 

BLUSH with Innocence Feminine Mystique Institute™ offers ancient holistic well-being training practices to encompasses every aspect of a woman’s Divine Feminine Energetic Essence. We offer sexuality embodiment classes, workshops, and retreats that are open to women of all levels of sexual or sensual interest and experience, and are designed for any woman ready to transform their relationship to themselves and their bodies. These programs are well-suited for women who are in active relationships wanting to enhance their sexuality and ability to be more grounded in their relationships. Innocence Smith offers private consultations for women of all backgrounds.

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What do you mean by the “Feminine”?   Being in your Feminine means manifesting a life of happiness through connection, intuition, feeling, receptivity, and openness in the heart and body. Being in our Feminine means knowing our deeper gifts as a woman, and empowering one another by the giving of our gifts.  In this, we recognize the beauty of every woman’s unique soul and legacy and transform the world for each other….through each other.
A revolution in archaeological methods and outlook has revealed that cultural history did not begin with Adam. The Divine Feminine-centered cultures of old, 6,000 years ago, present a picture of a high culture committed to a partnership between men and women rather than the competitive warrior cultures which replaced them 2000 years later. 
The Divine Feminine comprises a group of archetypal energies that drive and inspire one’s consciousness and felt a sense of being. The Divine Feminine is the archetype that provides transcendent experience, a re-connecting with the source, and nurturing of the divine essence. Here is a mystery, an incalculable delving into the void—out of which all things come—the unknowable deep abyss that is Love.

A Powerfully Feminine Woman…

  • Is a wilder, freer, more authentic version of herself.
  • Let’s go of comparison and makes peace with where she’s at.
  • Knows who she is and what she has to offer.
  • Stimulates her longing to be seen and takes exquisite care of herself.
  • Incorporates her creativity and femininity to find pleasure in her work.
  • Has her schedule sorted and the structures and support set up that allow more freedom and flexibility.
  • Makes decisions that are aligned and authentic before taking action.
  • Claims her free-time and makes the time to give back to herself.
  • Honors her feelings while consciously creating her future.
  • Cultivates a loving relationship with her body.
  • Infuses her day with beauty and knows how to make her own fun.
  • Is that magnetically attractive, present, sensual and joyful woman who lights up a room and is an authentic expression of herself.

 the Mission

The mission of the BLUSH with Innocence Feminine Mystique Institute™ is to offer a safe, supportive place for women of all ages and backgrounds to accelerate their journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-love. We are a part of a global sisterhood that connects women through circles.
BLUSH with Innocence™ was founded on the integrative principles of Infinite Divine Feminine Wisdom and Eco-Sexuality. We focus on the sacred love and healing power of the Divine Feminine; the wisdom and understanding of infinite realms of reality and possibilities, sacred sexuality, the holistic truths of presence and comprehensive well-being.

Innocence Smith, Mind Body Medicine


Relax, Rekindle & Reconnect...


My name is Innocence Smith and my professional experience includes over 15 years of combined practical experience and professional training in the field of holistic human studies from the somatic embodiment, the art of positive psychology, and holistic sexology which has enabled me to cultivate a successful sexual energy healing program. I help a whole new generation of women embrace their feminine presence and reclaim their ultimate potential.

While my business titles are Holistic Sexologist and Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, the essence of my professional presence is that of an Energy Refiner and Shift Facilitator. I am a passionate advocate for the return of the Divine Feminine Presence and Mindfulness to everyday life. I work as a necromancer which means that I hold sacred space for women who are seeking dynamic and transformational mental, physical, spiritual, social and energetic shifts in their lives. A sacred space holder is one who knows how to designate a space as sacred, in which transformation and traveling between realms of consciousness take place.

Erotic energy is powerful and can deeply impact a person’s mood, thoughts, and a general state of being. Disturbed erotic energy and sexuality issues are not uncommon. I realize that if you are a woman experiencing sexual issues, the last thing you might want to do is talk about it with a stranger. Discussing one’s sexuality with partners, family, and friends can often provoke feelings of deep anxiety, frustration, and even shame when a person believes that their fantasies and behaviors are seen as inappropriate, dirty or wrong by others.

Fortunately, finding the right sexologist means finding a safe place to talk about any difficulties, fantasies, fears, memories, or desires regarding sexuality. Sexology is designed to help you get to the bottom of your sexual issues and make positive life changes. Sexologists are professionally trained to help individuals and couples identify the sources of their personal distress and reduce or remove emotional barriers in order to enhance sexuality and sexual experiences.
As an integrative Mind-Body-Medicine Practitioner, I work very differently than most traditional sex and talk therapists. I welcome women with all sexual concerns and regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or sexual interests. I offer my clients a centuries-old, non-judgemental approach to healthy female sexuality including enlightenment about feminine sexual wellness, sexual well-being, and total sexual self-esteem. I help women with a variety of issues that impact their sexual performance and satisfaction including sexual dysfunctions, low libido (desire), low sexual self-esteem and sexually related distress through non-medical approaches and strategies.

My working goal is to support you in personal transformation as quickly as you are able to integrate the changes you choose to make. I provide a sex-positive and open-minded counseling approach with accurate, nonjudgmental information, appropriate goals, and solution plans. I also offer private individual consultations and small group educational workshops to help these women live more empowered, passionate, and fulfilled lives. If I can not offer a treatment solution for your particular issue, I will happily refer you to another professional in my social network that can.