BLUSH™ Classes & Consultations

I am a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist and Holistic Sexologist specializing in embodied sexuality consulting/coaching. Innocence is the founder and CEO of BLUSH with Innocence™. BLUSH with Innocence™ Feminine Mystique Institute offers classes, workshops, and brief retreats to encompasses every aspect of a woman’s Divine Feminine Psyche, Essence, and Presence (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relational, and Spatial). BLUSH with Innocence™ professional …


Bareback Sex

Healthy sexual self-esteem (self schema) comes from an ability to bare it all body, heart, mind, and spirit without shame or fear. Bring back your innate joy and curiosity about sex. Investigate, explore, and dig deep to find your authentic sexual identity. Sometimes this means seeking professional help to improve your sexual self-esteem or simply learning to enhance your sexual communication with your partner.